The Importance of Communication for companies

The fast growth of digital communication has forced companies to modernize quickly. Even so, some remained dormant, linked to a past marked by mismanagement and lacking orientation towards employee interaction.


Nowadays, I have been feeling that many companies are waking up, although in many cases, resembling someone who wakes up from a deep coma, they arise in a high state of disorientation.

There needs to be more guidance as to which path to take, and they often only seek out communication and marketing professionals with the same arrogant stance which made them resist change.

We have received requests to help companies wishing to venture into digital. But instead, they mention that they want us to post their posts on Facebook, ignoring all the strategies we try to give them. That is, they seek to avoid an avalanche with an umbrella.

A company’s communication starts from the inside out. It should reflect what one breathes in everyday life in the work environment. It is no use putting some posts on social media when the company culture is non-existent or not positive.

It is imperative to start from the inside, listen to the employees and restructure all communication procedures. It is a work that professionals, managers and their employees must jointly develop.

I have experienced many processes in which managers worked together to achieve goals. These were dignifying projects, some we will never forget, and moments when our brand helped improve the lives of many workers.

For this reason, I will write some articles and deepen this theme, from internal communication to the best way to communicate with the outside.



About the Author

Francisco Cardoso is ZALOX’s CEO. With several decades of experience in business management, digital projects and teams, this blog gathers the know-how acquired, helping managers to overcome current challenges.