Otimizar a Produtividade no trabalho | Foto de Saws

Optimizing Productivity at Work

Optimize Productivity at Work | Photo by Saws

Optimize Productivity at Work | Photo by Saws

The productivity index is a reflection of the environment in which we are inserted, in its relation with the way we organize ourselves. Society has evolved and allows each of us to be permanently in contact through a smartphone. This freedom created an enormous dependence on communication, mainly because of constant anxiety about whether we received any communication or wanting to see what’s new. Since it is imperative that we can domesticate the dispersion at work, I will describe the secrets for you to stay focused and become more productive. The results and recognition will have an extraordinary impact.


Organization and planning


It is very important to establish routines. We have to allocate rigid hours for a better organization of professional and personal tasks (on which we will speak later). When it comes to performing work-related tasks, planning is the greatest ally of those who want to work leisurely and be recognized for it. For this reason, it is very important that daily goals are set and that these tasks are completed without distraction. There are several tools that can help us create a timeline for everyday tasks:


  • Checklist – This is the most primary way to draw a day. Either way, for lighter work formats, is a sufficient tool;


  • Weekly Planner – An excellent tool that allows us to plan and follow the tasks we have for the day;


  • Project Manager – It is a very evolved tool that helps to manage any business. It is indispensable for the proper functioning of businesses. This software allows you to manage the tasks by state and assign them the corresponding priorities. This tool is equally effective in managing to follow up tasks.


During the time we assign to perform tasks, it is important to have breaks. The intervals should take us out of the space that relates to the execution of these tasks. A good laugh will always help you get back on the line and face the execution with great motivation.


Diversify methods


Carrying out daily tasks in the same way every day ends up being quite tiring, a factor that decreases productivity. In order to combat this problem we should, whenever possible, change the methods and the place where we perform these tasks. This technique will help you look at the tasks to be performed with another spirit and, consequently, increase your productivity.


Control focus

It is a fact that today there are more distractions that make us lose the will to work, completely destroying planning. The key is to have discipline in fulfilling your daily plan. Here are some distracting elements that we should avoid:



  • Social media – They must be inaccessible while performing tasks because they are one of the biggest distracting factors for those who want to meet their goals;


  • Multi-tasking – No, it’s not a modern way of working. Tasks should be grouped together to run more efficiently, but we should not run tasks at the same time. It is impossible to keep focus when it is constantly changing between tasks because it not only forces us to refocus on what we were doing, but it will create extreme wear and tear on us;


  • Chat programs – Recently, some people have tried to demonstrate that the best way to communicate is through chat software (Slack, Google Hangouts, Rocket, among others). This point of view is just another failed attempt to replace email. Chat tools are a good way for light communications (ask someone if they can meet, for example), but it is impossible to locate and contextualize the information;


  • Smartphone – Smartphones, mainly because they contain internet access, are assumed to be the true reason for the dispersion, either by the messages received or because of the anxiety of constantly seeing if someone sent a message. Unless it is an essential tool for tasks, there must be times to respond to calls or messages. The best is to put your smartphone away from the desk and without sound. You can always install an application so that the phone only rings when you get calls from certain numbers (family, your kid’s school, among others), those who know that we can only interrupt the execution of the tasks with matters of major importance;


  • Research – Although it is one of the greatest sources of information for us to carry out our work, surfing the internet can turn out to be a loss of productivity because it makes us feel busy even though we are not being efficient.


Stay healthy


There is nothing better than performing the last task within the planned and being able to “hang up” at the appointed time, allowing us to dedicate ourselves.


  • Healthy Eating – Establishing lighter eating patterns will make us feel lighter and hence more agile;


  • Doing sports – Doing sports is very important because it will keep us away from  injuries caused by always being seated in the same position;


  • Making time for family and friends – There is nothing that matters more than changing the environment after a day of work. This is one of the secrets for us to wake up with a smile every morning.


It is of the utmost importance that you allow yourself enough time to practice sports and be with people in a different environment. Seeing the sunlight is one of the pillars to have regular routines and within control. A balance between personal and professional life is essential for productivity at work, avoiding the distractive elements mentioned above. The key is to have well-defined routines, but going through those routines in a diversified way.




About the Author

Francisco Cardoso is ZALOX’s CEO. With several decades of experience in business management, digital projects and teams, this blog gathers the know-how acquired, helping managers to overcome current challenges.