Increase Productivity by working online

Market developments have introduced new dynamics that have forced companies to become more agile and therefore more competitive. This changing organization forces managers to be prepared to optimize their teams’ productivity.

Storing data in the Cloud is imperative for anyone who wants to bring speed and flexibility to their business. When data is available online, the manager is opening doors for employees to access information from anywhere and from any device, without discarding highly secure authentication systems.

When it comes to security, there is a huge effort on the part of companies that offer data centers to provide the highest possible security. We are talking about complexes with state-of-the-art “fire detection” systems, permanently monitored engineering teams and powerful backup generators.

Note also that Google, for example, fragments each file into several parts and stores each fragment in a complex located in different regions.

Collaboration is one of the biggest gains with these Cloud systems. Google offers a solution that allows multiple collaborators to be working on the same file simultaneously, and each can see in real-time what others are changing. This system also allows you to start a conversation about a particular part of the document or to videoconference to discuss these topics.

The digital movement is in rapid acceleration. New generations already operate in personal patterns of high-speed information sharing and are anxious to get answers quickly. Companies must adapt at this speed to optimize their processes, which will make them more competitive.

It is a fact that all companies will transition to more productive systems. Regrettably, there is still such resistance from some managers, who should look ahead rather than over their shoulders. Increasingly, the market calls for speed and innovation. Companies that do not adapt tend to disappear.



About the Author

Francisco Cardoso is ZALOX’s CEO. With several decades of experience in business management, digital projects and teams, this blog gathers the know-how acquired, helping managers to overcome current challenges.