Como criar uma conta na rede social Twitter

How to create an account on Twitter

 How to create an account on Twitter

How to create an account on Twitter


Twitter is the second most used social network. Twitter is used by many stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Gusttavo Lima, Monique Evans, Luan Santana, Beyonce, Ivete Sangalo, among others, with a particular format in which messages can not have more than 140 characters.

This step-by-step explains how to easily create a twitter account.

1 – Homepage


Sometimes the twitter page displays an entry page of this kind and in these cases you need to load sign in.



2 – Authentication page

On this page you will find a box, under the name “sign up”, to create a new account. Now, just enter your name, email address and password. Fill in the data and just click on “Sign up to twitter”.


3 -Data page


Now you will find a page where you will have to fill in all the data and the availability of the desired nickname will be verified. After completing and validating all fields, click in “Create my account”.

4 – Following known users

Before accessing your account you will have to follow some Twitter users, whether they are famous people or friends in your contact list. This is an imperative step to take.



5 – Add information to your profile

After adding all the contacts you will find the panel to add a photo. In this panel, you must upload your photo in a compatible format (JPG, GIF or PNG up to 700k) and place a presentation text up to 160 characters.

6 – Checking account


In order for your account to become operational, Twitter will have to validate the veracity of your email account. To do this, you will receive an email for verification.


After clicking on “Verify your account” you will enter your Twitter account without restrictions.

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