Seminário “Controlo de Gestão e Criatividade” na Porto Business School

“Control of Management and Creativity” Seminar at PBS

"Control of Management and Creativity" Seminar at PBS

“Control of Management and Creativity” Seminar at PBS

At the invitation of Porto Business School, I was present yesterday as speaker at the “Management Control and Creativity” Seminar.

The subject under discussion was Management Control as a limiting tool or a tool to promote creativity and success, an increasingly relevant issue at a time when day-to-day speed requires organization by professionals involved in project management and companies.

Also invited were Francisca Carneiro Fernandes, President of the Board of Directors of Teatro Nacional de São João and Nuno Silva, Director of EFACEC’s Technology Management Office.

Throughout my presentation I chose to convey an image of trust and that by “thinking outside the box” it is possible to do different and evolve, using management control as a tool that promotes creativity.

As an example, I recalled the experience of my first company, in which I tried to sell promotional tools, such as websites, which were discarded by entrepreneurs, who did not recognize them as valuable. The picture changed with the economic crisis and companies “clung” to Marketing. Unfortunately, for many, it was too late.

The event ended with a debate in which a number of questions related to the co-existence of departments such as design and engineering were raised but ended with the idea that these areas could easily exist within the same structure.

The event, which I consider to have been very enriching for all parties, took place in the scope of the Post-Graduation in Management Control and Performance Evaluation, and was the first of a cycle of Management Control Seminars dedicated to the discussion of Future Trends of the area.

The Postgraduation in Management Control and Performance Evaluation is directed to professionals related to the financial and management control areas in organizations of various dimensions and market segments.



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