Advantages of a good company culture

In recent years, companies have become younger and more open, mainly because of new generations and the speed of communication nowadays. New market dynamics have been introduced and competitiveness has put much more pressure on companies, either by squeezing margins or by bringing new solutions that have turned them obsolete. Optimization became a priority. Companies focused more on their employees, on people, proving that you can only achieve new dimensions involving the whole team. The truth is that people make the businesses and it is their energy that ensures growth.


Company culture is built with employees. They are the most interested and the ones who hold the potential for growth. There should be space for all employees to participate in creating the company’s culture.


A well-structured culture promotes good interaction between people and, consequently, a sharing of knowledge, giving way to discussion and the search for perfection. A light ecosystem is an ideal platform for developing new ideas. The company must be a place where its employees want to be and where they feel stimulated.


The amenities should be geared towards those who spend more time there, the employees. Space should enhance creativity and ensure well-being. Let us not forget that productivity and motivation go hand in hand.


Company culture should be based on all-purpose guiding principles. Employees are permanently representing the company, inside or outside the office. Their behaviour represents the company. If they are positive, they will be passing the image that the company breathes positive energy. Then, it becomes a reference, because it shows the image of a team that everyone wants to be a part of.


If your company has not yet looked into this, this is the best time to start this process. A company without a culture is a company without a soul.



About the Author

Francisco Cardoso is ZALOX’s CEO. With several decades of experience in business management, digital projects and teams, this blog gathers the know-how acquired, helping managers to overcome current challenges.